Distance Learning May 20-27

imageWe are closing in on the home stretch!  I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your efforts at home to stay on top of school work along with home routines and work!  This has not been easy for any of us!

The packet this week  will be your last ‘academic’ packet.  In it you will find a fun monopoly fitness game from all of the district elementary PE teachers.  There is also a muscle identification page.  Do your best on trying to identify where all of the muscles are, I know it can be a little difficult for our little learners, so if you need help, the answer key can be found under lesson plans on moscowpe.org

I am busy putting together a summer fun activity guide to go home next week.  It will include activities and sites to see in our area this summer.

ART DAY is Friday.  Since we are not able to do our traditional art day here at school the specialist teachers have put together a combined project for you to do along with what your classroom teacher is offering. You can find it inside the PE packet this week.  Have fun and be creative on this day!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy spending time with your family and if the weather cooperates, get outside and soak up some Vitamin D!

Mrs. C

Distance Learning April 22-29

Hey Ducks, first off I would like to share a video that our staff made for you!

Here is my distance learning packet for this week .  I am hoping as our weather gets warmer you are able to get outside and take walks, ride your bike or scooter, or shoot some hoops in your driveway!

Don’t forget to look for Bears!  I heard from a very reliable source that one of our Ducks has found 202 Bears so far on her walks!!!!

Have a great week!  Also check out the Elementary PE website, moscow.pe.org for a challenge to do at home as well as some of our favorite videos you can do at home!

Distance Learning April 15-22

I hope you were all able to have a peaceful weekend and enjoy the great spring weather!  I was able to get out and work in my yard.  My husband and I took 12 lawn bags of pine cones from our yard to the waste drop off!  Sure feels good to be done with that job until this later in the year when they start to fall from our trees again!

Here is my weekly link to the  homework packet for April 15-22  Remember, we are all still learning how to navigate this learning and teaching from home thing.  It is my intent that most of the work I send home, your child should be able to do with minimal instruction from you, once you get them started.   NONE of this work is mandatory, but should serve as a way to incorporate some fitness breaks into your daily routine.


I also have some exciting news, I have been working with Mr. Markley (Russell, West Park), and Mr. Briggs (Lena Whitmore) to create a Moscow Elementary PE website.  All of the packets that have been created for you,  have also been going home to ALL Moscow elementary students.  We felt it was very important during this time to make sure all of our students were receiving the same instruction.  I will still use this site for all things related to McDonald Elementary PE, and will always post your distance learning packets here, but they will also be over at our new site, www.moscowpe.org  Also on that site will be resources for you to check out, including you tube links and other cool stuff we find to share with you!!


Here is a link to the introductory introductory video we made for all of our students!


Have a great week!

‘Homework’ April 8-15

Hello friends!  I sure do miss your smiling faces 🙂

Here is a link to our weekly PE packet .

This week starts our 4th quarter of school, and we will be focusing on Nutrition during this quarter for our academic content.  There is a word search, crossword puzzle,  and a fill in the blank sheet all relating to Nutrition.

Also in your weekly packet is an ABC’s of PE.  There are some challenges for you to do daily, have your family members join in on the fun!

Have a great week at home, go out and enjoy some fresh air and the warming temps!  I hope to see you out walking with your families looking for those Bears!  I will have one in my window.



Distance Learning April 1 – April 8

Hello my Ducks!  I hope you are all adjusting to the new normal, learning and teaching  from the comfort of our homes!  In your specialists packet this week, you received this bingo page.  Have fun with your loved ones, and challenge each other to see who can get a BINGO first!

Next week, as the beginning of the 4th quarter, I will be sending home an activity as well as academic content.  I will be focusing on nutrition as our take home content.

Have a great week!


Copy of PE bingo2

March 25-April 1 ‘Homework’

Here is a link to the ‘assignment’ that will be sent home for the week of March 25-April 1. I have listed a picture and or gif to show you an example of how to do each activity in the deck of cards.  Have a great week, and I miss all of your smiling faces 🙂

Jump squats:



Star Jumps: 



Jumping Jacks:






Toe taps:  toe taps



Trapping:  trapping


Kicking to a wall:


Dribble around a cone: 


Bounce pass:  Image result for basketball bounce pass gif


Chest pass: Image result for basketball chest pass gif


Overhead pass:  Image result for basketball overhead pass gif


Make a basket:  Image result for make a basket gif

biking, hiking, swimming, fishing….find it here


Summer is almost here!  The elementary PE teachers have collaborated to put together a rather extensive list of resources available to you in our area.  Some are free and some require a fee to use.  We have divided them into 3 categories based on their distance from Moscow.  Feel free to print off a copy of the guide and use it all summer!  Whether you have a couple hours of free time and are looking for a quick park to visit, or are looking to plan a weekend getaway along the St. Joe River, you will find it in our summer resource guide!

The QR codes are easy to use!  If you are using an iPhone, you can simply point your camera at the code and it will open up the link for you.  You can also download any free QR reader app ( that will do the same thing.

Here is the link to print off a copy to keep at home or in your car, Summer Activity guide


summer activity guide

I hope you have the best summer, you deserve a well earned break after the crazy spring of distance learning!

Mrs. Carscallen